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Keep the customer check-in confidential, eliminate loss of information, and operate more efficiently.

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Eliminate paper and automate your check-in process

Online Appointment Scheduling

Accept online appointments from your website and integrate with your LobbyCentral account.

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Wait Management

Wait Management

Real-time push notifications and queue display allows employees to monitor the lobby without leaving their desks and promotes awareness to reduce wait times.

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Customer Privacy

Customer Privacy

A customer checks in using the kiosk, not a paper sign-in sheet. This provides a secure and confidential way to request assistance.

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LobbyCentral Reports

Reports and Tracking

LobbyCentral captures critical data such as date and time in, time seen, time out, and reason for visit which allows you to analyze needs such as staffing and training.

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How it Works

LobbyCentral is easy to use!

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Management Screen

Eliminate lines, manage waiting customers, appointments, and more right from your web browser!

Toss the sign-in sheet for something more elegant and secure

LobbyCentral’s kiosk is not only quick and easy for customers, but it’s customizable too!

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Real-time updates and notifications

A check-in system isn’t effective unless your employees know when a customer is waiting. LobbyCentral uses Push Notifications to instantly alert and update employees when a customer needs assistance.

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Reports to keep you informed

Using the data collected from LobbyCentral, you can determine which locations are the busiest to make key decisions like hiring and training.

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Overhead display keeps customers updated

LobbyCentral’s QMonitor shows customers where they are in line. It also announces when it is the customer’s turn by displaying the customer’s name and optionally, the window or representative to report to.

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