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Deliver Customer-Focused Service

Streamline your customer check-in experience by replacing take-a-number and clipboards with LobbyCentral

Features at a Glance

  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Multiple ways to check-in a customer:
    No-contact mobile, kiosk, and receptionist
  • Instant check-in notifications
  • Organizes customers into queues
  • Monitor waiting customers
  • Tracks employee productivity
  • Historical data retention



Look – it’s easy!

Sign-in sheets reveal too much information and take-a-number tickets don’t tell employees why a customer is there.

LobbyCentral securely captures the customer’s name, time in, visit reason, and other custom fields which is only visible to employees keeping the entire process confidential.

Awesome Capabilities : Simplified Check-In

LobbyCentral is loaded with configurable features and options to fit the needs of your business. Unlike dedicated check-in systems that are designed for specific industries, LobbyCentral is extremely flexible and works for any business.

Customers check-in at the kiosk by entering their name and other information in just a few clicks. LobbyCentral automatically queues the customer in order of arrival and notifies your staff.

Lobby Monitor

Show customers where they are in line and keep frustration levels at bay. LobbyCentral’s overhead display doubles as digital signage allowing you to run marketing ads and messages.


Get feedback from your customers about anything by using the new polls feature. Polls are created in LobbyCentral Administration and are displayed at the end of the check-in process. The process is quick and easy.


Create customer appointments in LobbyCentral. With Exchange Server added to your subscription, LobbyCentral can lookup your available appointment times.


Make the workplace a safer environment by creating a restricted list. Employees are notified at their workstation, via LobbyCentral, when a restricted individual has checked in, allowing appropriate measures to be taken.


Using the dashboard, built in reports, and exportable data, you can analyze customer wait times, length of service, daily traffic, and more.

Straightforward Pricing with NO contracts!

Starting at just $64.17/month

LobbyCentral’s budget friendly pricing works for any size business.

Free 14-Day Trial

No obligation or commitments to buy. In fact, we don’t even ask for your credit card information.  Just register and go!


Schedule a conference call with one of our friendly sales techs and we’ll go over all your questions.

Why Choose LobbyCentral?

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