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No-Contact Features

Keep customers safe and comply with social distancing laws

The 2020 pandemic has forever changed the way companies interact with their customers.

LobbyCentral has developed important features that give you the ability to provide exceptional service with safety in mind.


Mobile check-in is quick and easy using ExpressLobby.

Customers scan a QR code or enter a location code to check-in. The customer waits outside or in their vehicle until they receive a notification text to enter the building.

This keeps your lobby in compliance with social distancing laws.


True online-appointment scheduling is now available with LobbyCentral!

Customers book an appointment online selecting a date and time of their choosing.

On the day of the appointment, the customer can check-in with ExpressLobby.

Callback Queue

Give your call center some relief from the increased call activity using Callback Queues.

Customers fill out a short form to request a call from an employee, eliminating frustrating hold times.

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