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(CV) indicates a feature designed to address COVID-19 compliance



Cost $770 ($64.16/queue) billed annually
Billed annually
Contact for pricing
Queue Pricing Pay-per-queue n/a
Queues Included 1 Unlimited
Supports Multiple locations / departments* Yes Yes
Users Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Visit Reasons / Services Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Fields Yes Yes
Real-time Portal Updates Yes Yes
Check-In Notification On-Screen, Email, and Text On-Screen, Email, and Text
Customer Text Paging (CV) Yes Yes
Check-In Transactions per month Unlimited Unlimited
Self-Service Kiosks / Workstations Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile Check-In (CV) Yes Yes
QMonitor (wait information display) Yes Yes
Voice Audio Announcement Yes Yes
Reports and Dashboard Yes Yes
Export Data Yes Yes
Online Callback Queues (CV) Yes Yes
Occupancy Control App (CV) Yes Yes
Compliance Private/Encrypted Database
128-bit SSL Encryption
Private/Encrypted Database
128-bit SSL Encryption
Works with Mobile Yes Yes
Integrated Team Chat Yes Yes
Online Appointment Scheduling (CV) Additional Cost Included
Technical Support Online Help Desk Online Help Desk w/Callback Request
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* LobbyCentral cloud services are hosted on our server. No software to install or maintain.
* Requires Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Google Chrome, or OS X Safari
* Multiple locations and departments requires appropriate subscription