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Virtual Callback Queues

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the daily lives of every human being on the planet, businesses have had to come up with alternative ways to service their customers.

All states in the U.S. are under a Stay-at-Home order which has created empty service lobbies and increased call center volume.

To help businesses reduce call hold times, LobbyCentral has added a new queue type called Virtual Callback Queues.

How it Works

A Virtual Callback queue is similar to a Lobby Walk-In queue except that the customer fills out an online form to request service.   Service representatives then work the queue in order, calling the customer back.

The customer is free to go about their daily business instead of having to hold on the phone.   The call center benefits from reduced call volume and angry customers who have had to hold for a very long time.

Businesses can publish the link to their private Callback Registration form on a website, in marketing literature, or by email.


During the COVID-19 crisis, we are making Virtual Callback Queues free to use for all LobbyCentral subscribers.   This feature has already been added to subscriber accounts and is ready to go.

Get Started

For information on getting started with Virtual Callback Queues, please visit the step-by-step tutorial at

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